About Me

The past wasn't always pretty, and it took it's toll on me and mine. We are healing. We are dealing. Writing has been, and continues to be, a catalyst for healing and expressing things so deeply hidden I cannot even verbalize. Slowly but surely, with the support and help of those closest to us, both 'for real' and online.
Our immediate family consists of myself, my programmer husband, 3 boys at home and a daughter in Therapeutic care,  and a variety of people we've known online for years, and only a handful we've actually met.
In our very full house, we routinely go through 15-20 loads of laundry a week, 1-2 dishwasher loads a day, massive amounts of procrastination from all involved, momma insanity, with a good dose of humor and laughter injected to keep us all grounded in reality.
We don't pretend to be normal, quite the opposite.
This is my place, to be me, to share the weirdness that makes up my life, and hopefully, to share a smile and laughter with those that read.